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Accessible Design Series: Independent Seniors – Adapting Your Bathroom

By: Tonya Bruin

Accessible Design Series: Independent Seniors – Adapting Your Bathroom


For independent seniors living at home, adapting your bathroom to incorporate a more accessible design is often one of the most important adjustments to make. Since the bathroom is generally where most injuries happen among senior populations, performing a few alterations – from minor improvements to larger ones – can allow them to move around more freely without the high risk of slipping and falling. This can allow them to remain in their own home while enhancing their level of comfort and safety.

Here are some designs alterations and additions to consider.


Minor Accessibility Improvements

Sometimes, it’s the little touches that can make all the difference. Here are some simple things that can be important in include:


Night Light

Getting up during the night and being unable to see properly can quickly lead to injuries. Place night lights in hallways and the bathroom to keep high traffic areas visible.


Shower Mat

Adding a shower mat to the surface of the tub and shower can provide the necessary friction to avoid that slippery surface.


Grab Bars

Holding on to something while bending or getting in and out of the shower is often very necessary. Having a grab bar installed near the toilet, shower, and bathtub provides that extra grip when needed.


Major Accessibility Improvements

Beyond the basic improvements, some bigger remodelling tasks can also be important to take on in order to allow your elderly loved one to remain at home and maintain as much of their independence as possible.


Senior-Friendly Toilet

Standard toilets can be a challenge for seniors to use. Installing a senior-friendly toilet with a raised seat allows them to avoid lowering and lifting their body as much.


Countertop Adjustments

Making height adjustments to the countertops so that the sink and other items can be more easily reached can also make a huge difference in enhancing the functionality in the bathroom.


Walk-In or Wheel-In Showers

Being able to shower in comfort is one of the most important aspects for allowing seniors to take proper care of themselves. Walk-in or wheel-in bathtub and shower designs can make entering and exiting a breeze with little effort needed.

Now that you have some options to get you started with creating a more accessible bathroom design, To Do Done can help with it all! Whether it’s minor improvements or major accessibility renovations, we can turn your vision into reality with professional handyman services throughout Ottawa. Contact us today to request an estimate!