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To Do Done Business Profile

By: Tonya Bruin

To-Do-Done-Business-ProfileTo Do Done is Ottawa’s most capable and professional handyman service provider. Established in April 2015 to provide high-quality repair and renovation services to residential and commercial properties in the National Capital Region, To Do Done has earned a reputation for excellence over the years, and continues to be recognized throughout the region as a company that puts the needs of their clients first.

Our History

Owner and founder Tonya Bruin established To Do Done in April 2015 as a homeowner and mother of two whom, upon realizing how difficult it was to find reliable handymen, created the change she sought to see within the industry.

Our Mission

The collective vision of the To Do Done team is to help Ottawa residents and businesses discover what the word “service” really means. No job is considered too small to be important, and the hardworking tradespeople and office staff of To Do Done strive for utmost excellence in each repair and renovation that is carried out. If a resident or business owner reaches out to the team, they deserve only the very best of treatment.

Our friendly, talented team carries out a wide array of services including bathroom renovations, decks, fences, backsplashes, tiling, and much more. We can do everything from complete kitchen renovations and basement finishing projects to entire interior overhauls, but we’re also happy to help with assembling furniture, patching up drywall and helping with storage solutions – for most items around the home, you name it, we can take care of it. We also do exterior repairs and we can handle specialty work like electrical & plumbing. Just hand us your “to do” list and we’ll get it done.

Our Role in the Community

Today, To Do Done boasts a strong and talented team of women and men intent on providing only the best service to the National Capital Region. All employees carry liability insurance and have been meticulously screened, vetted, and trained. We are proud to help the community in any way we can.

Many residential properties and developments have benefited from the team’s reliability and penchant for excellence. For instance, Dovercourt Housing Cooperative’s community of over 30 units has entrusted To Do Done’s expertise for various tasks including basement clean-ups, porch repairs, building accessibility ramps, and general indoor and outdoor maintenance. Most clients are those living in single-family homes and condominiums who may be unfamiliar with basic repairs or renovations. As the Ottawa population ages, To Do Done helps boomers and retirees with repairs small and large that they are unable or uninterested in carrying out themselves. We’re so happy to be able to help Ottawa’s older population stay in their homes for longer and safely age in place.

Our Commercial Services

To Do Done may be known for providing excellent service to residential properties, but commercial developments have greatly benefited from the team’s expertise in various fields. Whether seeking repairs or overhauls of office or retail spaces, business owners would be hard-pressed to find a more reliable and professional team specializing in repairs, maintenance, and renovations in the Ottawa area. For example, To Do Done is proud to be the handyman service provider for Bridgehead, The National Gallery of Canada, and Quickie Convenience Stores, carrying out any necessary renovations and repairs from painting and flooring to cabinet installation and other building maintenance.

Residential and commercial clients are encouraged to create their own to-do lists for the team to complete, and these can include everything from building dog houses, cleaning office windows, and setting up new lighting systems to flooring installation and complete room renovations. Each item on a client’s to-do list deserves to be completed with equal dedication and quality control, as everyone who reaches out to To Do Done deserves nothing but the most professional and reliable service.

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