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Holiday Gifts for Your Favourite Handyman

By: Tonya Bruin

Santa’s almost here! Instead of dishing out some underwhelming gifts this year, why not get the handyman on your list something they’ll truly want and love? Whether it’s your dad, grandfather, aunt, sister, or another handy person to buy for – here are some holiday gifts for your favourite handyman that they will actually feel excited about receiving this year.

Crescent Flip And Grip Wrench Multi-Tool

Having a pocket knife is always cool and practical, but to really get your handy person something to smile about, go for the Flip and Grip Wrench multi-tool. This multi-tool not only has pliers, but it also contains a strong, durable wrench that can grasp onto square, spline, hex or Torx bolts, which is a rare gem and really useful to have access to whenever you need it. It also can be used on more than 40 fasteners. So if you’re looking for the ultimate pocket, on-the-go multi-tool, this is it!

Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool

Since multi-tools are always a favourite, the Wave is another exceptionally versatile one to consider that contains just about anything that’s needed on the fly. This tool is comprised of a 420HC stainless steel body, a lanyard attachment, along with 17 tools to perform just about any task – cutting, measuring, filing, stripping – for those odd small jobs.

Wilton Bash Ball Pein Hammer

A hammer is every handyman’s staple must-have tool. And considering just how much they use and rely on their hammer, having a good one can make a difference. The Wilton Bash Ball isn’t just any run-of-the-mill hammer. With a no-slip head and a rubberized grip, it reduces vibrations and dramatically improves grip to keep their hands safe and pain-free.

Makita 18-Volt Compact Driver-Drill

If you have a serious handyman on your list to buy for, the Makita Driver-Drill is one of the leading brands that most professionals choose. So if you’re handy person is in need of an upgrade, get them the brand that professionals choose and trust. It doesn’t get better than this!

Dremel Versa Flame Butane Torch

Some of our team members would faint if they found this baby under the tree! If you have a welder in the family, the Dremel Versa is the latest evolution in torches. With a simple ignition trigger and no need for a separate ignition tool, it’s easy and straightforward to use for any melting and welding tasks.

LCD Stud Finder

It’s simple but so practical and necessary for any handyman to have a stud finder in their tool kit. It’s best to have a stud finder with multiple scanning modes that can pinpoint the location of beams, joists, metal pipes, rebar, live AC wires, and wood and metal studs. This tool can be used for ceilings, walls and floors. The LCD display will accurately identify where they are, making any job safer and faster.

Tape Measure with Vertical Numbers

Your handyman may already have a tape measure or two, but they likely don’t have one that displays the numbers vertically. These modern tape measures make it more convenient than ever when measuring without having to crank your neck or count hashes to view the measurements. 

Garage Heater

Working in the garage can get cold during the winter months. If your handyman loves to fiddle around out there, give them the gift of warmth. You can find all sorts of small garage heaters that do a fantastic job of keeping it cozy. It’s a great addition to upgrade the comfort of any garage space.

Portable Mini Bench Vise

These tools are handy for gripping onto just about anything that you need. Having a compact, portable vise makes it easier to move around and attach to any workbench since it’s relatively lightweight and small.

A Rolling Creeper Seat

If your handyman loves to work on vehicles, you can give their back and knees a break with a rolling creeper seat. Aside from giving them a place to sit, they can move the seat around if needed and even store tools and other items right underneath it. 

Upgrade Their Radio

If they’re still using an old wonky radio from the 90s, it might be a good time to upgrade it. There are many multipurpose radios that combine radio, a smartphone hookup and charging ports all at the same time. They can play whatever radio shows or music they want and hear it playing from up to 100ft away with certain devices.

Portable LED Work Lights

Using old halogen lights can be a nuisance since they generate heat and can burn if you touch them. Instead, get them LED work lights that designed to make life much easier. These use minimal electricity, illuminate areas effectively, and are great for seeing into tight spaces.

Why Give the Gift of Handiness?

Helping the handyman in your family or circle of friends is a great way to give back to the local community in a way; they’ll be inspired to do great things with the tools you empower them with, whether at home or otherwise! We’ve read plenty of stories about neighbours helping each other out, and we’d like to bet that your special someone isn’t against lending a hand the Canadian way – with power tools and drill bits!

Also, keeping your handy ones, well, handy is a great way to encourage stimulation and creativity. Perhaps they’ve been wondering about fixing up that fence out in the backyard or upgrading that chipped, tired-looking old patio. With the right tools under the tree from “Santa,” anything is possible. Don’t hesitate to motivate those who love to use their hands to turn great project ideas into reality!

With all that said, why not get your handy person a gift that will put a sincere smile on their face this season? If you’re searching for holiday gift ideas for your favourite handyman or renovations expert, we guarantee you can’t go wrong with any of these.