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Know when and how to replace your fireplace blower

By: Tonya Bruin

gas-fireplace-cleaning-repairGas fireplaces and some wood burning fireplaces have a blower, the function of which is to help distribute the heat created by the fire. Over time, these blowers get dusty, dirty or clogged with debris, which greatly reduces their effectiveness.
If you notice that your blower is making more noise than it used to, it likely needs to be replaced, or at least thoroughly cleaned. If your blower is not cleaned or replaced at this point, the motor will get overheated and eventually stop working altogether.
In order to replace your blower, you first need to determine the brand and model number of your blower. You might have retained some information about your blower and fireplace from when they were first installed. Otherwise, you will have to locate the brand name and model number of your fireplace on the fireplace itself. You may have to order a new blower if you can’t find the model that you need in stock locally.
Once you have a replacement blower, turn off the power to your fireplace at the breaker. Don’t just shut off the switch. Depending on your particular fireplace, in order to remove the old blower, you may need to remove the entire front panel of the fireplace. Some fireplaces have a lower section that opens easily. You may be able to remove your blower by opening the door to this lower section.
The blower should be attached to:

  •     A power source
  •     A temperature sensor, and
  •     A speed control switch.

To remove the blower, you need to unplug it from the power source, and remove the temperature sensor and speed control switch.
Before installing the new blower, give the area a thorough cleaning with a shop vacuum. It will probably be full of dust. Install the new blower by plugging it in, and attaching the temperature sensor and speed control switch.

Once your new blower is installed, test it out by turning the power back on and turning on the fireplace. You may need to wait a few minutes for the fireplace to get hot enough to trigger the blower. When the blower starts up, you can adjust the speed of the blower according to your needs.
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