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Why Giving Back to Your Community is Important | To Do-Done

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At To Do-Done, we love what we do and enjoy being able to serve and help out our community each time we take on a job. Whether it’s a new kitchen reno, adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls, building an extension onto a house or any other household project throughout Ottawa, we believe that giving back to the community is important and rewarding.Why Giving Back to Your Community is Important

Providing A Helping Hand

As a handyman business continuing to proudly service the Ottawa area, we enjoy being able to offer our skills to those who need it most. We provide a wide range of services for projects both big and small, because we understand that no matter the size, sometimes you just need a helping hand to get that bathroom reno completed or to re-pave your interlock driveway. Helping our community helps us feel good about the work we provide.

Building A Supportive Network

When neighbours and businesses come together to help support each other, a community can continue to thrive and grow. This can also greatly benefit members of a community who are more vulnerable and in need, such as the elderly. For seniors, everyday tasks and repairs can be a big challenge. That’s why our services can also take care of any minor hiccups like installing a fire detector, furniture assembly, along with general indoor maintenance. As we continue to serve our community, our community members, in turn, help fuel our business through reviews and recommendations.

Doing Something Rewarding

If you’ve ever given back somehow to your community, you probably know just how good and rewarding it feels. Giving back, allows you to show a sense of appreciation while being of use. You can make a positive impact in someone’s day and a lasting difference in the community. Being able to see the direct impact you can have is extremely rewarding to witness.

To Do-Done’s What If Fund

What if you had to choose between feeding your home and paying your mortgage? As unfortunate as it is, many people all across Canada and Ottawa alike find themselves in this sort of scenario every year. At To Do-Done, we donate 1% of our total revenue towards helping homeowners in crisis keep their homes safe. See more details here.

Being needed and appreciated is a beautiful thing. And that goes for businesses as well! That’s why at To Do-Done, we take pride in the work we do and enjoy being able to serve our community throughout the Ottawa area every single day. Whether you’re in need of a simple home repair or an entire renovation, give us a call, and we’ll be more than glad to help you get started.