7 Ways to Help Mom Around the House this Mother’s Day

7 Ways to Help Mom Around the House this Mother’s Day

Want to do something a bit more special for Mother’s Day this year? If you’re tired of just getting the usual bunch of flowers for your mom, how about show your love by helping out in the home instead. We at To Do-Done handyman services are convinced that making home improvements and completing odd jobs […]


8 Home Renovation Tips From The Professionals

  Before taking on any home improvement project, no matter what size, it’s important to make sure you’ve thought of everything beforehand. From budget to skills, not only should you have a full plan, but you should also consider your limitations. There’s no shame in admitting you can’t do it all yourself!   For a […]


Top 8 Home Improvements That Add Value to Your Home

  Unsure of where to start with your house remodeling? Got a list as long as both your arms of jobs around the home that can and should be done ASAP? Take some advice from us at To Do-Done Ottawa handyman services and approach your list of home improvements with a critical eye.   As […]