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5 Popular Summer Renovations | To Do-Done

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The summertime always means BBQs, beaches, patio season, and of course, home renovations. Now that the snow and ice are behind us, it’s the perfect opportunity to take a good look at your home to see what areas you can tackle. Emerging from winter hibernation can always emphasize certain problems that require attention. And, even if there aren’t any repairs needed, summer is always a tempting time to spruce up the home with some new ideas around the house. If you’re keen on tackling some projects this season, here are a few of the more popular summer renovations to consider for your home.

Window Installation

Summer is also a popular time for repairing and replacing windows. If your windows are old and weathered, it may be time to consider a replacement. Upgrading your insulation or your windows entirely can end up saving you money in the future on your energy bills. Our team is “Window Wise” certified, so we are enabled to install super high-efficiency windows that qualify for a $500 rebate from the GreenON program. Act quickly – the season for window installations is short!

Deck Addition

Of course, this time of the year is all about basking in as much of that glorious weather as you can – especially for us Canadians. That’s what makes deck additions one of the most popular summer renovations. You can create attractive, usable outdoor living space and design it how you like. You can plan out a BBQ area, a seating area with lounge chairs, or redesign it completely to make it the perfect spot to enjoy those warm summer nights with friends. This reno is great because it’s one of the most affordable to do, and it lets you really enjoy the summer weather.

5-popular-summer-renovations Spruce Up Your Exterior

The exterior of your home can also endure quite a lot of abuse over the winter season, so now’s a good time also to consider having work done to freshen it up. Painting the façade of the house can work wonders for improving this.

Refurbish Walkways And Porch

The combination of snow, ice, and sub-zero temperatures that linger on exterior surfaces for several months can really wreak havoc on your walkways and porch. Warped or broken steps and loose patio stones can also be hazardous.  Any of these areas should be refurbished to keep them functional, attractive, and safe to use.

Backyard Transformation

Summertime is the best time to start designing that backyard transformation you’ve been dreaming about over the winter. You can create your own little oasis with a hot tub, fire pit, patio area, or even a pond. A backyard transformation can let you take full advantage of the beautiful weather.  

When the sun is shining, and the temperature is just right, it always has homeowners contemplating a home reno project or two. This season is the optimal time to spruce up the home or tackle any of those necessary projects and improvements that have been lingering on your to-do list for some time. When you’re ready to get your summer renovations started, give us a call At To Do-Done. Our handyman services can handle just about any home renovation you can throw our way! Contact us today!