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Bathroom Renovations

Want to revamp the look of your existing bathrooms? We can help.

Start and end your day in your perfect bathroom.

Bathrooms that look so good, you would swear they were stock photos. But they’re not! All of the photos on our website are actual renovations that our team has completed over the years. Our most commonly requested renovation is bathrooms, of course, because bathrooms are the most complex room in our homes. In order to pull together a great result, we need our team to work together on demo, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, tiling, painting and carpentry. It’s a tall order for a small space.

What is Possible?

The To Do – Done Renovations team has completed everything from basement bathrooms to open concept loft bathrooms, to home spas. Whatever your design specifies, we can make it happen for you!

Radiant In-Floor Heat

A common upgrade we are asked for is radiant in-floor heat. Our team has received specialized training in Schluter/Ditra products and can install a beautiful, warm floor to get you comfortably through the winter

Waterproof Potlights

Potlights, including waterproof lights over a shower or steam room, are very popular in bathrooms. Including a dimmer switch helps you to control the brightness for any time of day or night.

Bidets & Heated Toilet Seats

Luxury items no more! Bidets that are built into your toilet with warm water and heated toilet seats are becoming more commonly included in our renovations. Make sure to tell us about these choices at the beginning of our conversation as they must be planned for.

Walk-in Showers

Many of our clients want to get rid of their small, squat bathtubs as their children become teens. The perfect solution is a walk-in shower with a sliding glass door or custom glass shower walls. We can install shower kits, or a mosaic floor and tiled wall, to suit your preference.

Vanities and Freestanding Tubs

A custom piece of furniture with a sink or two is what we’re seeing more and more of in the world of vanities. Combined with stunning faucets, the vanity and the freestanding tub become centrepieces in updated bathrooms.

Personal Home Luxury

With a good design and forethought, your bathroom can become a place where you can really pamper yourself. A deep soaker tub, a steam room, or a sauna built into the design can allow you to take a daily trip to the spa. Now, that’s good for your body and good for your soul!

At To Do-Done, we can connect you with designers who can incorporate your needs and desires into the design of your bathroom, and then we will build it to specifications for you.

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