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How a Fresh Coat of Paint Can Change a Room

By: Tonya Bruin

Wondering what you can do to spruce up a room in your home? When you feel the itch to make a change, but want to keep the budget in check, adding a fresh coat of paint can be the solution you need. Painting may not seem like it can make much of a difference, but adding on fresh coat of paint or a new colour to a room can breathe new life into any space.

Here are just a few more ways that a fresh coat of paint can change a room.

Freshens Up a Room

If you do nothing to a room other than add on a fresh coat of paint, the difference you’ll see will impress you! It can freshen and clean up the entire space.  If you have a bedroom that’s starting to look lackluster, or the colour in the dining room is starting to look a little passé, adding a fresh new coat of paint can give any room the atmosphere boost you’ve been waiting for.

Make a Space Appear Bigger

A fresh coat of paint can also open up a space and create the illusion of more room. If you have white or a neutral tone on your wall that has discoloured or been scratch and marked up over the years, you can really open up that space by adding a new coat.

Brightens a Room

In addition to opening up the room, new paint can also brighten up the entire area. Whether you have a window or not, the colour on your walls will always impact the amount of light that reflects off the walls, causing it to be darker or brighter. If you’re looking to spruce up your bedroom and make it more inviting, try placing a lighter coat of paint on the walls to brighten up your space.

Changes the Theme of a Room

Looking to update your living room from that 1970s vibe? You can easily achieve this with minimal alterations, along with peeling off that old wallpaper and putting on fresh coating of paint to achieve that clean, modern look you want.

Adds Character to a Room

Conversely, you can add some cozy character to your room as well. For example, one popular way to achieve this in just about any room is by creating a feature wall. Add a new accent colour on to the feature wall and decorate it how you please. This can break up a space, add some depth to your layout and of course, some character too.

So if you want to enhance a room in your home, start with one of the most effective steps – adding a fresh coat of paint! You’ll be surprised at how great your space will look.

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