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Give Your Home Exterior a Spring Cleaning

By: Tonya Bruin

spring gutter cleaning

After those long, harsh winter months, the exterior of your home can endure a lot of wear and tear and accumulate dirt and grime. And with thoughts of springtime in mind, there’s no better time to start planning out your home exterior spring cleaning than now.

Here are some key areas to focus on to help get your entire exterior looking great again.

Pressure Wash Siding, Decks, Patios and Docks

After those winter winds have battered against the side of your home, come spring time, it’s often covered in a layer of dirt. In order to tackle that you’ll need a pressure washer to remove that embedded layer. Spray it down and ensure that you target each area thoroughly. You may need to do this a second time.

In addition to the siding of your home, any decks, patios, or even docks that you have if you’re located on a river or lake, should be given a good washing with the pressure hose. Debris often gets lodged in between wooden planks and a pressure washer can help remove any debris that’s gotten stuck in between those surfaces.

Clean Windows

The windows are essential when it comes to spring cleaning. All the remnants from those winter storms can leave a foggy film over the glass panes and discolour your trim. It’s best to use a squeegee with some warm water and soap to remove the first layer of dirt on the glass panes. You may need to go over each window a second time to get them to really sparkle. Use a damp rag and a cleaning solution to clean the trim.

Clean Gutters

Cleaning out the gutters should also be a priority when it comes to spring cleaning. This should be done at least twice a year – prior to the winter, and in the springtime to remove the accumulated debris. Any leaves and twigs can form a sludge in the gutters and cause water to pool along your roof.

Refurbish Walkways, Stairs and Entranceways

The combination of excess moisture and salt can cause areas along your walkways, stairs and entranceways to shift, crumble and deteriorate. This can become a safety hazard if left ignored. Any loosened patio stones or weakened areas along the entranceway should be repaired and replaced, if necessary.

Give your home exterior a good spring cleaning by focusing on these key areas. By maintaining your exterior each spring it can drastically help to improve the longevity of it and keep it strong against those harsh winters each year.

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