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Juggling It All: The Plight of the Modern-Day Parent

By: Tonya Bruin

parents-jugglingStress is an inherent part of being a parent and no strategies for reducing it or coping with it are going to completely eliminate stress from a parent’s life. Over time, stress can physically manifest itself in the form of health problems, so it’s important for parents to have some tools in place to help them deal with the stress of parenting.

While many sources of parenting stress can vary depending on the ages and personalities of the children involved, one source of stress is fairly common throughout all stages of parenting and that is the difficulty that parents have finding time to get everything done. Just because you have taken on the additional responsibilities of parenthood, doesn’t mean that those everyday tasks such as doing the laundry and shoveling the driveway will just disappear.

An important coping strategy for parents is the ability to delegate tasks to others. This might mean training your children to set the table and clean their rooms. Or it might mean hiring a professional to perform some of the tasks that you don’t have time to do, such as cleaning your house or mowing the lawn.

Parents often find that home maintenance and home improvement tasks can be particularly difficult to get to. Delaying or neglecting seasonal home maintenance tasks can not only cause parents additional stress, it can also be dangerous and end up causing damage to the home that requires expensive repairs.

Having a trusted professional handyman to call can help you to get all your household jobs done and significantly reduce your stress level. A handyman can stay on top of your regular home maintenance needs as they come up, which can help prevent the need for major repairs.

If you find that your list of home maintenance and improvement jobs just gets longer and longer, and none of them ever get done, consider hiring a handyman to take some of those tasks off your plate.

By delegating home improvement and maintenance tasks to a professional, you will free up time that you can spend with your children doing something that you all enjoy, which will have the additional benefit of further reducing parenting stress.