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Need Outdoor Maintenance? Get it Done While You Can!

By: Tonya Bruin

If there’s anything that you’ve been debating about having repaired, replaced or tidied up along your exterior, now’s the crunch time to make it happen before the cooler weather sweeps in. Putting off those little items that have been pestering you throughout the summer shouldn’t be ignored because, as Canadians, we know just how quickly the weather can change. So if you’ve got a to-do list, get it done while you can so you can be well prepared when that first dusting of frost arrives on your doorstep.

driveway repairRepair The Driveway

The driveway is often another area of the exterior that can endure a lot of damage, especially as it ages. If yours only has a few minor cracks in it, you can use a sealant, filler or cement depending on your driveway. Spending a little time now to handle these minor issues can prevent water from getting into cracks and escalating any damage.

Interlock Patio Repair Or Replacement

If your interlock stones have been wobbling under your feet for the duration of the summer, or sprouting weeds, ignoring it will only make things worse and more costly come next summer. The great feature about interlock stone is that often when you have a few areas that are worse for wear, they can be repaired or replaced while leaving the rest untouched. This minimizes the amount of labour required and the cost, which will save you far more than if you leave your interlock to endure another winter.
interlock patio repair

Clean Out The Gutters

It’s that time of year again where you should be clearing out any accumulated debris in your eavestrough system. This is one of the important outdoor maintenance items that should be done now while the weather is favourable. There’s nothing worse than having to climb up on the ladder to do it once the weather has turned.

Check the Condition of Your Roof

Take the time to grab a pair of binoculars or carefully climb a ladder to see what kind of shape your roof is in. If you spot missing shingles, damage around the chimney base, sagging or holes, be sure that it’s taken care of before the snow hits! Just be sure to avoid risking injury or further damage by reaching out to the experts if you spot serious trouble or aren’t comfortable with going up on your roof.

weatherstrippingRepair Doors And Windows

Your doors and windows play an important role in keeping winter weather out and protecting against the heating you pay for leaking outside. Check on your weatherstripping and fixture condition, and if you see that any doors or windows need replacing, have it taken care of by the experts or yourself before the cold sets in! This can help you reduce heat and air conditioning wastage, giving you year-round energy cost savings and less of a need to adjust the thermostat.

Wrap Plants in Need of Protection

Cedars and other plants sensitive to the winter sun and wind need to be wrapped in order to survive. We recommend using burlap wraps for this. Also, don’t forget to pay attention to the stems and trunks of younger trees or plants! For this, try using wire, which should hopefully keep wintertime critters at bay.

deck cleaning

Clean And Seal The Deck

If you’ve had a newly installed deck that has yet to be properly treated for the winter, this should also be a priority on your to-do list for the end of summer. Even pressure-treated wood can be vulnerable to the onslaught of our Canadian winter. So it’s a good idea to clean the deck and then apply a seal once it’s dry to keep moisture from penetrating through the wood during the fall and winter months.

For easy, hassle-free outdoor maintenance, our team at To Do-Done can handle it all for you. We are insured, covered by WSIB, and fully bonded. Give us a call today to tackle any home-related repairs or maintenance!