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Planning a Media Room that Wows - To Do Done

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When you watched Super Bowl earlier this month, was something missing? Whether you’re watching the big game with the buds or watching a family flick with the kiddos, you deserve to be in total comfort. If your living room isn’t quite cutting it, or you’re sick of having to go watch the Sens game on the iPad upstairs because the kids are dominating the main TV with Paw Patrolreruns, a media room may be just the trick. Close your eyes and picture it: recliner chair, big screen TV, surround sound, beer in one hand and bowl of popcorn in the other…that’s the trick.

To Do Done’s handyman services can assist with turning that media room dream into a reality. Here’s how we can help:

Built-In Media Centre

You could pick up a TV stand or cabinet from IKEA, but can you imagine having a custom-built media centre with a place for everything and everything in its place? Our experienced carpenters can design and build a beautiful media unit with everything you need. Storage for books, DVDs, video games, Xbox and PS4 controllers, or even include a liquor cabinet.  Built-in doors help reduce the appearance of clutter and keep the room looking its best.

Routing Wires

If your media room has surround sound, internet connectivity, and cords for every video game console and streaming device invented this century, you don’t want a rat’s nest of wires holding back the look of the room. We can drill holes and route wires behind the walls for a clean, modern look with full functionality. If you want to install mounted lights or potted lights, we can help with that, too. We work with two electrician teams to tackle any electrical job required.

Mounted TV or Projector

Mounting a TV on the wall provides a great contemporary look, plus it keeps grubby kids’ hands from leaving marks on the screen! Likewise, you can mount a projector on the ceiling for the ultimate theatre experience. It’s important that it’s done right, because the last thing you want is a heavy (and expensive) flat screen TV crashing down from the wall. Our handymen and handywomen would be happy to help with installation!

New Furniture Setup

If you’re creating a slick new media room, you’ll probably want comfy new couches, end tables, or a new coffee table. Our handymen can help carry in the new furniture and set it up. And if you need to get rid of a ratty old chesterfield or old coffee table marred by water rings, we can help with that, too.

Start planning your new media room now, and it will be ready by the time the new MLB season kicks off and is available for home release. What are you waiting for? Call To Do Done today to request an estimate!