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Top 8 Home Improvements That Add Value to Your Home

By: Tonya Bruin


Unsure of where to start with your house remodeling? Got a list as long as both your arms of jobs around the home that can and should be done ASAP? Take some advice from us at To Do-Done Ottawa handyman services and approach your list of home improvements with a critical eye.


As well as choosing jobs that will make you and your family happier around the house, consider home improvements that add value to your home. Even if you don’t plan on selling up any time soon, knowing the ROI potential of your home upgrades can’t be a bad thing!


For our top 10 list we have used insights from Remodeling’s 2016 Cost Vs Value report, which looks at popular home improvements across the US, comparing average job cost, resale value and percentage of cost recouped.


  1. Kitchen remodeling



Top of our list of home improvements that add value are kitchen remodeling projects. While kitchen remodeling is one of the more expensive home upgrades (averaging at US$60,000 for a major remodel), this room is likely to be the center of the home and the place in which you spend much of your time, whether cooking on the weekday evenings or reading the papers on a Sunday morning.


Kitchen remodeling tips: Easy upgrades include installing stainless steel appliances, granite or stone countertops and modern cabinets and fixtures. Another idea is to turn your kitchen and living area into an open-plan space by knocking down a full or half wall. For pricing guidance, request a quote from To Do Done, handyman services in the Ottawa area.


  1. Bathroom remodeling



An old bathroom is never a pretty thing to look at, particularly when your white ceramics are greying and your tiles are molding. It’s not your fault; that’s just what happens after a few years of good use. For your bathroom remodeling project, consider investing in modern, matching utilities, fitted, bath or shower units and streamlined design.

Upgrade to fitted, in-wall cabinets to give yourself the allusion of more space, and invest in light tiles and good lighting to create a brighter, glossier feel. If your current bathroom lacks natural light, you can also think about adding a window or skylight.


  1. Attic insulation


Bring your home into the 21st century (better late than never!) by making it as energy-efficient as possible. By installing fiberglass attic insulation, not only will you instantly save money on utility bills, but you will also increase the value of your home for decades to come, which can only be a good thing for when you put your home on the market.


According to 2016 US national averages, attic insulation, with a cost of US$1,268 and a resale value of $1,482, is one of the few home improvements where you can actually make an profit within the year.


  1. Roofing replacement


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The first thing you see when returning home and the first impression made on visitors is the outside of your home, so good roofing is important when trying to impress both friends and potential buyers. According to Remodeling’s report, roofing replacements cost an average of US$20,000, with a 71% return on investment within the year.


  1. Decking


An addition of decking can add new life to a boring and vacant garden, and is frequently cited as one the home improvements that adds value to a property instantly. While a composite deck is more expensive at an average of US$16,000, a wooden deck costs less at around US$10,000 with a 75% cost recoup within the year.


Hire an Ottawa handyman from To Do-Done for all your outdoor decking needs. We also offer pressure washing and fitting of patios, docks and walkways.


  1. Additional bathroom


Adding an extra bathroom to your home can up its resale value immediately, and is a practical choice for those with space to fill. While a remodel is a cheaper and safer bet, adding a bathroom can add much joy – particularly if you’re a large family currently sharing just one bathroom!


The report sets the average price of a bathroom addition at US$79,380, but for a tailored estimate, request a quote from To Do-Done today.


  1. Garage door replacement



One of the cheaper home upgrades that can be made, averaging at around US$3,140 with a 90 percent return on investment within the year, a garage door replacement can be a good way to improve your home’s façade and make coming home in the evening even more appealing than before.


  1. Window replacement



Costing around US$14,725 for vinyl window replacements and around US$18,087 for wooden replacements, redoing your windows can be a good way to revamp your home’s appearance, both inside and out, for a reasonable price.


To Do-Done’s professional handyman services offer reframing and installation of doors and windows, improved insulation and repair work. If you want to improve your windows without a full replacement, we also offer weather stripping for wooden frames.


Hire an Ottawa handyman from To Do-Done


At To Do-Done we provide licensed, professional handyman services across Ottawa, helping you with any home upgrades, no matter how big or small. As well as full home renovation and refurbishment, we provide painting and decorating, doors and windows, drywall and plastering, tiling, indoor and outdoor maintenance, and carpentry.


If you’re living in Ottawa and looking to make home improvements that add value to your home, consider hiring an Ottawa handyman to get the job done expertly. For advice and a full quote contact us here.