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Turn Your Basement into a Profitable Investment

By: Tonya Bruin

This month, All Things Home featured our very own Tonya Bruin in an article where she explains the benefits of investing in a secondary suite. Tonya shares her very own work where her team transformed an old bungalow basement in Ottawa’s Pleasant Park neighbourhood into a bright, modern, and profitable rental. 

“Tonya Bruin, owner of To Do — Done Renovations & Handyman Services, renovated the dingy, 70-year-old basement into a bright, comfortable two-bedroom suite last year and says this kind of project can be ‘very profitable.’”

Are you looking for a way to earn extra income? Want to take some pressure off of your mortgage payments? Our team at To-Do Done has the solution for you: A secondary suite!

If you have an unused basement collecting dust, it might be time to take advantage of this space. And with the cost of rent in Ottawa at an all-time high, tenants are opening their minds to new living situations. 

While the cost of renovating your basement into a secondary suite may seem like a high upfront expense, don’t be discouraged! You may be shocked to discover how much this can pay off. With the To-Do Done team on your side, you can earn a lot when you turn your basement into a rental suite. Contact us today to learn more!