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Let our caring restoration team make your heritage property better

Working within run down buildings and derelict structures are our specialty. We love breathing new life into spaces that require some TLC. We preserve the historical integrity while integrating modern amenities. Some examples of our work include several projects at Zibi, in the heart of Ottawa, the old site of the Domtar pulp and paper mill and the match company run by E.B. Eddy. One that property alone, we have built showrooms for the condo development, we restored an old warehouse into a high end event space called “La Shoppe” that subsequently held parties and wedding receptions, and restored another multi-story building for a stunning event space.

We have worked within the walls of 200 year old plants on Albert Island and built washrooms, kitchens and office space. We maintain the character of the heritage space by cleaning and restoring the brick walls, refinishing the stone floors, and opening up the rafters, while adding modern facilities within the structure.

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