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Our team of handy professionals all have between 10 and 25 years in the business of home and commercial space renovation. To Do-Done decided early on to go beyond the small “handyman” work when we realized that our clients were searching for someone that they can trust to get their renovations done as well.

We have received 10/10 reviews from our clients who have engaged our team to renovate their basement, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, spa, porches and elsewhere in their home. If you already have a design in mind, we can work directly with you to make your vision a reality, or we can point you in the direction of a great designer.

Our operations manager would be happy to meet with you on site to discuss your renovation project. Go to Let’s Make It Better to get things started!

Basement Renovations

Are you ready to finish your basement? Have you thought about adding a home theatre or media room? Looking for a fun kids playroom? What about a man cave with a home bar and custom entertainment centre? A laundry room with customized storage solutions? Are you interested in adding an income suite to the basement? No matter your basement renovation goals, we can make it happen.

Kitchen Renovations

Is your kitchen design still stuck in a past decade? Would you like to add an island or swap out the peeling vinyl flooring? Are you ready to try an open concept design? Book a consultation to see what kind of kitchen renovation designs we can cook up.

Bathroom Renovations

Is your bathroom cramped for space? Does your family fight for bathroom time every morning? Do you dream of unwinding a soaker tub? Whether you want to revamp the look of your existing bathrooms, add a powder room on the main floor, or reconfigure the layout upstairs to make room for an ensuite master bath, we can help.

Full House Refurbishment

If you’ve recently purchased a fixer-upper or perhaps you are getting your home ready for sale, the whole house may be in need of a little refreshment. With our whole house overhauls, you name it, we can fix it. We have an experienced team at the ready to tackle your home renovation project to meet your objectives, whether that’s flipping the property or calling it home sweet home.

Disabled Access Renovations

If you have mobility limitations or plan to age at home, traditional home design can be challenging, especially in two- or three-storey homes. We offer a range of mobility renovation services, from installing grab bars and non-slip flooring in the bathroom to expanding doorways and building an exterior entry ramp. We can install improved lighting, hands-free faucets, lowered countertops…all the little details that help improve safety and restore independence.

Convert Your Basement Into a Stylish Living Space

Imagine converting your dark unused basement into the most used living space in your home? In as little as a month your basement can go from unused to a stylish and comfortable living space where friends and family will gather for years to come.

What Is Possible?

It really depends on you. From a simple finishing job so the space is clean and usable, to a luxurious escape with every amenity you can imagine, the possibilities are endless. Here are some possible features:

Hobby Room

You can have your own space to enjoy your favourite hobby. Whether you like music, sewing, or cards, you can have your own room dedicated to your passion.

Entertainment Unit

Most finish basements have a gathering space with a television. Our team can help make this space perfect with a custom cabinet for your flat screen or a projector for movie nights.

Home Gym

Investing in a home gym can save money for years by avoiding gym membership fees. We can help add a workout nook or a full gym.

Games Room

Finished basements often include a games room or area. Games rooms can include pool tables, foosball tables, ping pong, air hockey, and more.

Pot Lights

Dark basements are a thing of the past. With the diverse selection of pot lights and lighting features, you can have a well-lit basement that will be as bright as the main floor.

How Much Will It Cost?

Professional basement finishing jobs typically start at $20,000 and can go up from there. It all depends on size and amenities. With financing, you could have a beautiful new space for a few hundred dollars a month.

How Long Will It Take?

A typical basement finishing job takes 30-60 days to complete. It all depends on the size of your space and the features you would like.

Why Hire To Do-Done for Your Basement Renovation?

We have a team of electricians, plumbers, and everything in between. Our team of skilled tradespeople will get the entire job done for you as we have certified experts handling wiring and plumbing and carpenters and drywall professionals to complete the job successfully.

“Ours was a large and complicated job that almost transformed our house. Part way through, we decided to expand the scope of work significantly. ToDoDone handled the change in scope extremely well. The quality of the work was very high. Communication between us and the handymen and us and the owner was open, and always congenial. Change orders were handled and incorporated into the work flow very efficiently. I will definitely use them again for other work we might want to have done.” – Rose Marie Farley

Interested in learning what’s possible? Contact us to receive a free quote.

What is a Secondary Suite?

In a market where home prices continue to rise at increasingly faster rates, the only way to get ahead with a single home is to consider part of its use as a second suite or basement rental property. Not only will this make home ownership more affordable for you, but it can also help you establish a real estate portfolio and financial independence. Ask us if a secondary suite could benefit you, and we’ll show you how to plan and finance not just the apartment but a brighter future!

Also called a second suite, basement suite, in-law suite, accessory unit or basement apartment, a secondary suite is a self-contained, independently accessible private unit within an existing home that can be rented out to another person or family. While most are found in basements, some are added onto the original structure as an addition, or as a separate unit on the same property, such as a coach house. These spaces have their own bathroom, kitchen, and living areas, and may share certain amenities with the rest of the home (like a laundry area, yard, or storage).

Why Build a Secondary Suite?

Rental housing can be hard to come by in Ottawa, with some of the lowest vacancy rates ever seen in the city, and secondary suites are starting to fill a demand for affordable housing. In Ottawa, according to the CMHC, the rental vacancy rate for one-bedroom apartments is only 1.7%, which can make it a struggle for some families and individuals to find an affordable home in which to live. As secondary suites utilize existing infrastructure to create a rental unit, they fill a gap in the housing rental market.

There are many reasons why a homeowner may want to consider becoming a landlord. They may have an older family with children who have moved out and want to make use of the now-available space. Perhaps they want to increase the value of their home when it’s time to sell. To make renting a second suite even more attractive to homeowners, the Canadian Mortgage Housing Corporation provides 100% offset for rental income produced by legal second suites in an owner-occupied property.

The Benefits of a Secondary Suite

Building a secondary suite in your home gives you the opportunity to create a safe and affordable rental unit for residents. It also allows you to maximize underutilized space and transform it into a steady income.

Pay off your mortgage sooner, fund renovations to increase your property value, or consider other investments. Creating a legal second suite is one of the best upgrades you can make to increase the resale value of your property. Planned and managed properly, a secondary suite can also be your first step in building a property ladder to build real, real estate wealth.

Read the Province’s official policy on Secondary Suites.

Read All Things Home’s article about why a basement rental suite can be a smart investment.

Extra income from your secondary suite rental can:

  • Reduce your debt by helping you repay your mortgage faster
  • Help first-time homeowners afford property
  • Fund property renovations to increase a home’s value
  • Provide a source of back-up income

The Business Case for Adding a Legal Secondary Suite: 

Adding $115,000 (an example of the cost of the entire Secondary Suite project) to a 25-year amortization, at 2.89% interest, adds $538/month to mortgage payment.

The average rental rate for one bedroom in Ottawa: $1583/month

The average rental rate for two bedrooms in Ottawa: $1998/month

This leads to a cash flow of between $1045 to $1460 per month!

Key Considerations for adding a Secondary Suite:

Your location needs to be attractive to tenants (close to transit or other amenities)

You should understand your neighbourhood demographics and target market (are there schools nearby? A university or college? Do you want to attract students, families, seniors?)

Understand the potential rental income. What are the apartments in your neighbourhood renting for? Is there a demand for rentals in your area?

Create a Legal Secondary Dwelling. Ensure that you are following all regulations in your area. To Do-Done will work with you to develop permit drawings, and we will meet with the appropriate city officials to review drawings, project milestones, and to obtain legal occupancy of the unit once it is complete.

Create a cash flow positive product. The goal of this project is to create a space in your home that is cash flow positive from the very first month in operation. It will also add significant resale value to your home instantly.

Download the Government of Ontario’s Secondary Suites Info Guide.

Building a Secondary Suite with Us

At To Do-Done, we have experience creating beautiful and functional basements and income properties. Our trusted team starts by inspecting your property to ensure that adding a second suite is feasible. If we determine that it is, we then put together a proposal based on your design ideas and your budget. We also have skilled design consultants on hand to help you come up with ideas for how to best use the available space effectively.

The next step is making sure that all of the appropriate permits are obtained. It’s crucial to follow all local legislation when creating an income property. We make sure that your new suite is compliant with ALL residential zoning requirements, property standards, occupancy standards, health and safety requirements and fire, and electrical codes.

When you work with To Do-Done, you’re working with an experienced team that knows what it takes to design and construct a beautiful, functional, and legal secondary suite in your home.

Contact us through our Request an Estimate page and we’ll get things started!

Contact To Do-Done today for a free estimate and let our professionals help you complete that to-do list. Our team is insured, covered by WSIB, and fully bonded. We will respond to your request within 1 business day. You can also reach us during business hours at 1-800-236-3663.



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