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Drywall Installation and Plastering

Let our caring drywall team make your living space better

Any decent handyman has to know how to install and repair drywall and plaster. Over the years, our trained handymen and women have tackled countless drywall repair projects, allowing them to perfect the process. Whether you need new drywall as part of a renovation or just a small repair job to patch up a piece of drywall, we have you covered.

Drywall Installation

While some may attempt to install drywall on their own, many soon realize that it’s harder than it looks. There are many layers to the project that make it difficult for an untrained person to do and many struggle to get it right. Drywall sheets are heavy and awkward, and the last thing you want is to install it yourself only to have unseemly gaps that lead to cracks. While you may think it’s cost-effective to install drywall on your own, having it installed by a professional will save you from having to pay for further repairs down the road. Our trained handymen will hang drywall with that professional touch for all your home renovation projects, including bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and more.

Wall & Ceiling Touch-ups and Repairs

Drywall repair and finishing have to be our most requested small project. Whether you have a small crack on the stairway drywall because you nicked the wall carrying a couch, or you have to replace a whole wall of drywall due to water damage, we will take care of it. We can also repair lath and plaster walls, which are most commonly found in older homes. We’ll repair it right and make it look better than new.

No matter how small the issue is, it’s crucial that you have it seen by the experts before it turns into a bigger problem. When you turn a blind eye to cracks, moisture damage, warping, or otherwise, you’re inviting things to worsen over time. Even the smallest flaws will reappear if not fixed properly. This is why such repairs should be done by professionals with the appropriate skills, knowledge and tools. Our team at To Do-Done will touchup or repair your wall or ceiling with ease, ensuring that you’re completely satisfied.

Exterior Plastering

Is the exterior of your home looking a little worse for wear? Homeowners often forget to care for the outside their home. The exterior of your home doesn’t only keep you protected, but it also takes on the extreme effects of Mother Nature. Our trained repair professionals have seen it all: cracking, bubbling, buckling, holes, deterioration – you name it. We can repair any cement stucco exterior or fix exterior parging.

We have years of experience completing these repairs. From small drywall patching to restoring stucco, our team at To Do-Done can help with all your drywall and plaster repair needs. Request a quote today!

Our team is insured and covered by WSIB. We will respond to your request within 1 business day. You can also reach us during business hours at 1-800-236-3663.



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