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Stipple Ceiling Repair and Removal (Popcorn Ceiling)

Let our caring repair team make your ceiling better

Drywall repair and finishing has to be our most requested small project. Whether you have a small little crack on stairway drywall because you nicked the wall carrying a couch, or you have to replace a whole wall of drywall due to water damage, we’ve got you covered. We can also repair lath and plaster walls and ceilings. Plaster is a classic wall material, most commonly found in older homes. We’ll repair it right and make it look better than new.

Ceiling repairs are also highly requested of our team. We can remove a stipple/popcorn ceiling to bring it to a clean flat ceiling. We can also patch any size hole in your ceiling and either finish it to a flat finish, or we can match the surrounding stippled area so that the hole disappears.

We're qualified.