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Exterior Expressionism: Decks, Docks, and Fences

By: Tonya Bruin

Exterior-Expressionism-Decks-Docks-and-FencesTo come up with a carefully planned exterior project to maximize the usefulness or appeal of your outdoor property is a marvellous thing. Exterior renovations on any scale are deeply personal forms of creative expressionism, and they can be exciting experiences for those keen on starting a new project. Here’s a look at some of the many important aspects of constructing a deck, dock, or fence on your property.

Initial Planning and Construction

Being creative and coming up with a plan of what you’re interested in willing into reality can be a hugely inspiring experience, and there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing and enjoying what you initially designed. Whether you opt to work alone or consult with a professional company such as To Do Done to help build your creation, performing exterior renovations can be incredibly exciting.

For decks, selecting the ideal wood or composite surface in a colour that complements your property’s exterior for many years is important, but be sure to select something that is suitable for your climate’s temperatures as well as the weight you intend to subject to it.

Be sure to follow-up with incorporating matching steps and supports that can withstand excessive weight, as well as sturdy handrails, banisters, and posts that make your deck not only attractive, but also sturdy and highly durable.

Docks are much in the same vein, except you have to be willing to incorporate sufficient tethering, framing and flotation through the use of lightweight yet weather-resistant and durable woods and composite materials (the last thing you want is for your dock to sink, break apart, or float away).

Fences require adaptability to high winds and the crushing force of snow build-up, so don’t forget to build with sturdy woods, steel, or composites that can withstand everything mother nature has in store each season. Planning ahead and minimizing repairs is key.


In the event that you need to carry out exterior repairs, be sure to consult a professional if you’re unsure how to deal with weather or age-related damage to your decking, dock, or fencing. Diving in without an idea of what to do can be more expensive in the long run. Reaching out to a handyman service such as us at To Do Done will enable you to learn the most effective ways to repair exterior additions to your property, and you can be assured that your investment will be protected through meticulous quality control and inspection along the way.

When repairing on your own, always consult the instructions for your equipment or, in a pinch, online guides from reliable and trustworthy sources. If all else fails, reach out to a company or organization that can point you in the right direction, or speak with your local hardware and renovations expert. Sanding, measuring, drilling, cutting, and outright replacing specific components can be relatively easy or nightmarish depending on your repair knowledge, so be sure to plan accordingly before you start hacking away and fixing things on your own.

Staining And Painting

Giving your latest creation a touch of vibrancy as well as durability, painting and staining decks, docks, and fences is highly encouraged to better protect the individual resources comprising of your latest project as a whole. Before, however, be sure to thoroughly spray down, scrape (if necessary), inspect, and clean all surfaces you wish to stain or paint to ensure a lasting long-term finish.

Weather-resistant paints and stain coatings can improve the lifespan of structures built to remain outdoors at all times, and depending on your climate and typical weather, you may want to opt for specialized coatings that better resist heat and UV rays, as well as those that better protect against cracking and peeling.

For docks, the deeper a coating penetrates, the better it will protect the material from mildew and mould. This is particularly important for wood decking that can rot and succumb to the forces of nature more easily if not treated right. Avoid form filming wood stains and paints at all costs, specifically around docks, as they are prone to peeling and flaking when subjected to moisture on a regular basis.

Décor And Patio Furniture

There are many ways to incorporate wonderful pieces of furniture and décor with your deck, dock, or newly fenced-in yard. If you’re handy or keen to reduce waste, try repurposing and refurbishing leftover materials into tables, benches, or even outdoor shelving. This will allow you to add even more of a personal touch to your new exterior addition. If adding new furniture and decor, however, be careful to not bring in items that will stain, rust, or damage your project, for doing so can result in costly and unnecessary repairs.

Commercial Services

Do you want to spruce up the patio at your happenin’ ByWard Market bistro? Install a new fence around your facility? Need repairs to the deck at your marina? Want to refinish the decks on your rental cottages? To Do Done should be your first call. We don’t just fix homes – we also provide a range of expert exterior repair services to commercial and industrial clients!

When building a new outdoor addition to your property in the form of a deck, dock, or fencing, the options available to you in terms of materials, colours, and overall designs are infinite. Be sure to plan accordingly, incorporate safety awareness, and be realistic about the end result, and before long, you’ll experience the wonders of exterior expressionism.

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