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Gearing Up Your Home For The Dead of Winter | To Do Done

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Winter has come, and it’s inevitable that the weather is only going to get worse from here. So gearing up your home for the dead of winter is a priority that should be handled now to protect it and your family during the season. To get your home prepped and ready, here are some important tasks that you shouldn’t forget.

Getting Your Home Ready for WinterClean Up The Yard

Before the nastiest of the nasty weather arrives, clearing away any leaves and debris left behind throughout your yard is important. If the debris is left on your lawn or ends up around a storm drain, it can end up damaging your lawn and may prevent excess moisture from accessing the storm drain. So be sure to have your yard cleaned up from the fall. If there is already snow on your lawn, make sure to get this done during the spring!

Clean Out Gutters

In addition to your yard, the gutters are another priority task to include for gearing up your home for winter. The gutters prevent all of the moisture from pooling along the roof and close to the foundation of your home. So if you haven’t already had yours cleaned, now is the time to do so before it’s too late.

Check Windows, Apply Weather-Stripping

Now is also a good time to inspect your windows for any signs of air leaks. Even slight cracks can cause a hefty dent in your utility bills during the winter. If you have any broken frames, have them replaced now before the snow arrives. Also, if your windows require weather-stripping for that extra tight seal, don’t forget to install this now too.

Repair Stairs, Entranceway & Walkways

If the stairs, entranceway or walkways on your property are in any way damaged, it’s a good idea to have them repaired now before the ice and snow arrive. Ignoring these tasks can create a safety hazard for you, your family and anyone accessing your home. If there are damaged steps or broken interlocking stones beneath a layer of ice or snow, someone can easily get injured. Have any external stairs and walkways fixed before winter.

Install And Check Detectors

With the fire roaring during those extra cold winter nights, you should always ensure that your fire detector and carbon monoxide detector are functioning properly. If you don’t have any installed for some reason, do so immediately as they become an increasing danger during the winter months.

If your home isn’t prepared for winter yet, give us a call at To Do Done. Our handyman services can take care of your internal and external winterizing tasks. Call us today!