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Ontario’s Accessibility Renovation Programs

By: Tonya Bruin

The costs for renovations don’t always have to come solely from your own pocket, especially if you are impaired with a major disability or mobility restrictions. In Ontario, there are a wide variety of accessibility renovation programs that have been implemented to give back to hardworking homeowners everywhere. Here are our top picks for the best ones to consider.

A Guide to Ontario's Accessibility Renovation Programs

March of Dimes Canada: Home & Vehicle Modification Program

Established by the Government of Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services in 1999, this program provides funding for basic home and/or vehicle renovations to permanent Ontario residents with a major impairment that is expected to last for a year or longer, even with disability management. It’s meant to help those with mobility restrictions continue living in their existing homes, avoid unemployment and be active in their communities. To qualify, you must live in Ontario, meet financial prerequisites and have a specific substantial impairment as detailed on the program’s webpage along with further funding information and guides.

Ontario Renovates

Funded by the federal and provincial governments through the Investment in Affordable Housing (IAH) Program, the Ontario Renovates Program helps low to moderate income households make their homes more accessible through renovations and modifications. You may receive up to a maximum of $3,500 grant or higher amounts via a forgivable loan. This amount will vary depending on the work needed to make your home more accessible as well as your income level. To apply, download and fill out this form, provide the necessary documentation (see this checklist for Ottawa as an example) and contact the phone number representative of your municipality to request an application package be mailed to you.

Veterans Affairs Canada Disability Pension and Tax Credits

With the Healthy Home Renovation Tax Credit now a thing of the past, seniors need to find alternative methods of attaining renovation funding for when they need to upgrade their home to remain safe and accessible. This is where Veterans Affairs Canada can step in, providing disability pensions as well as the Disability Tax Credit to veterans and up to $5,500 to their spouses. This can be used to upgrade your home without having to necessarily pay out of pocket in a pinch. Visit their webpage for eligibility details, payment dates and other important information surrounding their benefits.

Finding the right accessibility renovation program is easy enough with the internet always within reach via devices with hands-free and touch-based capabilities. Take the time to check out the ones we’ve highlighted here, and perhaps you’ll find a solution that works for you!