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Which Renovations Contribute Most to Home Happiness?

By: Tonya Bruin

Which Renovations Contribute Most to Home Happiness?

Improving your home means improving your life. When it comes to home happiness, according to a recent Houzz study, homeowners who have renovated their place within the past 48 months describe themselves as happier, more at ease and more organized after the remodeling. Funny enough, these people didn’t go ahead and plaster their walls with gold wallpaper or replace faucets with multicoloured diamond waterfalls. When asked about the things that matter most to the majority of respondents agreed on bright rooms with big windows and comfortable furniture.

It may come as a surprise to some but, undoubtedly, a $50k reno budget is not even needed to make you feel happier and cozier in the place you return to each night. Common get-together areas such as the kitchen and living room have ranked on top of the Houzz list for most important home elements, followed closely by a big TV – of course!

A little change can make a great difference

Let’s talk kitchen first. It’s an ambitious and costly project to redo your entire kitchen and most of all it’s not necessary. For a much happier you, some professional upgrades here and there can feel like a magic trick! Here’s why you might want to think about modernizing your kitchen this winter:

  • •To enhance worn-out surfaces and outdated finishes
  • •To increase your kitchen’s functionality, storage capability and livability
  • •To create a tidy and happy environment, you’ll want to enjoy for a long time

Whether your kitchen design is stuck in grandma’s teenage years, you want to remodel the room setup (and finally get that island you’ve dreamed of for so long), or you just want to get rid of that ugly peeling vinyl flooring, our team of experienced handymen in Ottawa will cook up a cost-efficient masterplan to make your kitchen happiness go through the roof.

Home is where your heart is

The living room is where your family gatherings happen; legendary parties go down, and you relax in your home. At least, that’s how it should be if you’re happy with your family room. People who don’t enjoy their living space tend to hang out in their bedroom for most indoor activities from eating to movie watching and gaming. Sound familiar? Here are some easy tips and tweaks that make your living room the reason you love being at home again:

  • •Brighten up your space with white wall colour, light curtains that let plenty of light in and set bright and colourful accents here and there that express your style.
  • •Freshen up that old gray carpet who’s glory days were over a long time ago… if you love that carpet you don’t even need to break up with it completely, a professional cleanse will make it look shiny and new.
  • •Create easy to organize storage: built-in shelves, hidden couch/coffee table compartments, decorative trunks, and boxes that swallow all your stuff and make the place look “ready to entertain” every day all day.

Whatever it takes to make you feel like you don’t want to be anywhere else but in your beautiful living space, we can make it happen for you. Home renovation projects are a personal thing because each and every home is unique. With countless years of experience our skilled guys and girls, here at To-Do Done, know how to turn your property into a home sweet home.

The Hidden Gem is the Basement

With an additional floor, you have all the space in the world to mount that large TV – as mentioned as one of the key elements to home happiness – and you’ll create even more areas to love and to enjoy when the door closes behind you after work. There’s such opportunity in a basement finish; it really can make all the difference. We’ve seen it happen numerous times. Thinking about finishing that basement of yours? No? Here’s why you definitely should:

  • •No cluttering all over the house anymore. Whether it’s the overflowing pantry or it’s your cluttered bedroom that’s giving you a headache, most of us are just not utilizing our space to its fullest potential. With well set-up storage units hidden away in your basement all that summer gear and the garden equipment will disappear and be neatly waiting for you next season
  • •Your house can become the ultimate space for entertaining all your friends and family members for the Grey Cup live viewing on your supersized TV or to enjoy some fun and games on the weekend. Build a bar or a cozy fireplace into the reno plan to make it all you’ve ever wanted.

If you’ve been thinking about wanting to renovate, rearrange or remodel parts of your basement, add a kids’ playroom, a home theatre, or an income suite in the basement, this winter may just be the right time to get the ball rolling. We always strive for the most cost-saving and personalized solutions for our clients. No matter what the budget is, we’ll brainstorm with you and find a way to get there. Send us your ideas, or even just a picture you’ve seen and love, and we’ll do the rest!