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Why Female Contractors Rock!

By: Tonya Bruin


In an industry that consists predominately of men, the perspective, work habits, and valuable insight a female contractor brings to the table can allow for a stronger and more understanding connection with clients. The end result? A higher quality of a renovation or repair. Here are just some of the many reasons why female contractors are getting things done, and why we’re proud to support female-owned businesses throughout our local community:


The Family Angle


Most women working in the construction industry are mothers or guardians of some variety. The compassion, mutual respect, and humanity associated with raising a family can often result in higher efficiency and quality control through a maternal desire to simply do things right. In this sense, female contractors and workers are regularly more patient, thoughtful, and attentive in regards to a client’s wishes and subsequent changes. Women can also boast a high level of attention to detail and quality control through a deep sense of dedication to their craft that instills a sense of pride and motivation in today’s society.


Committed to the Community


Women often tend to remain within familiar communities for longer durations, often for long-term or lifelong commitments. As a result, female contractors serving their local community offer a loyal, stable, and thoroughly reliable workforce through their tendency to give back to the communities that have given so much to them throughout their lives already.


Women are Customers, Consumers, and Cost-Savers


Many women are the ones in a household who shop for groceries, plan budgets, pick up medicine and prescriptions, and control financial expenses in general. As a result of their determination to be financially responsible combined with their experience as cost-saving consumers, all sorts of industries can benefit from their enhanced understanding of budgeting, planning, and financial accountability stemming from their personal experiences. Therefore, female contractors and workers in fields pertaining to repairs, renovations, and maintenance are valuable assets to a team of professionals seeking to maximize their income and minimize expenses. Many women also have a greater comprehension of the true value of a dollar through hard work, and this motivated mindset helps to reduce absenteeism and turnover in the workforce.

To Do-Done is just one of many companies fully committed to encouraging the talents of females from all walks of life. Many of our gifted and capable employees happen to be women, including Ericka, our very own HVAC specialist who boasts a plethora of highly attuned skills including appliance repairs and maintenance. Our organization also wouldn’t be the same without Marie Larochelle and Mel Sice who are carpenters and painters with an unprecedented penchant for quality control and true professionalism. And of course, To Do-Done is owned by Tonya Bruin, a former public servant who set out the revolutionize the handyman industry.

With the examples set before you, it’s clearly never been easier to understand the importance and capabilities of females in today’s workforce.

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