Ottawa Favorites: Bridgehead

Bridgehead coffee has a truly unique story. Starting in 1981 as a project in the basement of a church offering the first truly fair trade coffee to market in Canada, Bridgehead quickly made a name for itself. Over the years, Bridgehead has had many owners who have attempted to keep the name alive and also […]



How a Fresh Coat of Paint Can Change a Room

Wondering what you can do to spruce up a room in your home? When you feel the itch to make a change, but want to keep the budget in check, adding a fresh coat of paint can be the solution you need. Painting may not seem like it can make much of a difference, but […]


spring clean work

A Hassle-Free Spring Clean

After the long Canadian winter, springtime has finally arrived! That means warm breezes, flowers blooming, birds chirping, and the glorious scent of BBQs are just ahead of us. But it also means that it’s time for some serious cleanup and repair after those intense winter months.   Spring cleaning for many homeowners is like the […]


handyman home renovation

Preparing Your Home for Sale? Use a Handyman Service

Gearing up to place your home on the market? You probably have home improvement on the mind. What small improvements can you make the maximize home value and make each room most attractive to potential buyers? Doing a whole home renovation in anticipating of selling is not recommended, as you can’t guarantee 100% return on […]


spring gutter cleaning

Give Your Home Exterior a Spring Cleaning

After those long, harsh winter months, the exterior of your home can endure a lot of wear and tear and accumulate dirt and grime. And with thoughts of springtime in mind, there’s no better time to start planning out your home exterior spring cleaning than now.   Here are some key areas to focus on […]



Planning a Media Room that Wows

  When you watched Super Bowl earlier this month, was something missing? Whether you’re watching the big game with the buds or watching a family flick with the kiddos, you deserve to be in total comfort. If your living room isn’t quite cutting it, or you’re sick of having to go watch the Sens game […]



Preparing Your House to Look Its Best

Are you looking to spruce up your home but aren’t sure where to begin? Well, whether it’s to boost up the resale value of your home or if it’s simply for yourself to enjoy, there are certain areas that can enhance your design, while giving you the most bang for your buck if you should […]


Home Upkeep & The Resale Value of Your Home

Home Upkeep & The Resale Value of Your Home

  When it comes to getting the best resale value for your home, it’s often the smaller improvements that can make all the difference. When prospective buyers come to view your property, they need to be able to envision their lives in that space. And as they walk through each room, their focus turns to […]


Which Renovations Contribute Most to Home Happiness?

Which Renovations Contribute Most to Home Happiness?

Improving your home means improving your life. When it comes to home happiness, according to a recent Houzz study, homeowners who have renovated their place within the past 48 months describe themselves as happier, more at ease and more organized after the remodeling. Funny enough, these people didn’t go ahead and plaster their walls with […]


Love Your Home Again with These Storage Solutions

Love Your Home Again with These Storage Solutions

  Sometimes, when you’ve reached a point where your home just simply isn’t providing you with the storage space you need to fit your life’s worth in it, it can become reason enough for you to begin to fall out of love with what was once home sweet home. Purging and de-junking are great, but […]