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The Best Handymen Don't Come with an Age Requirement - To Do Done

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Life has a funny way of throwing surprises our way. Whether it is a leaky roof or a new employment opportunity, we never really know what to expect until it happens. The same principle applies to Richard, a retired teacher we recently spoke with about an exciting new career transition. His story is a testament that regardless of your age and experience, there is a wonderful opportunity waiting out there with your name on it.

Creative Beginnings

Richard’s story begins with his early career. “I was a teacher in an art school in France, specializing in teaching adults all different types of Trompe l’oeil techniques,” he says in our recent interview. “I did a fair bit of supervising and teaching, demonstrating painting effects on walls, wooden doors and ceilings.” Richard notes that he is particularly proud to have helped assist a great many mature students in graduating to become Peintre Décorateurs. His passion for creativity and mending worn-out materials to look brand new was what drove him to pursue such a career.

Transferrable Skills

What Richard learned in his field, he applied to his home life. “I was always working with my hands and loved getting into projects,” he adds. “At work, I dealt with high-end plaster and painting projects, while at home I was able to experiment with everything else. I received my training in plaster and painting at Peintre Décorator diploma.” His credentials from an environment fluent in old Venetian palace painting techniques, frescoes, faux wood, marble, and stone effects behaves as the calling card of a master artisan. When it became time for Richard to retire, however, he struggled to find a way to remain content without the hands-on work he had become so accustomed to. He had no intentions of giving up work, so instead of outright retiring to a stale and stagnant life, he began a new career as a To-Do Done handyman.

A New Beginning

I never really retired,” Richard adds. “I merely shifted my focus from having to simply work in a field I was comfortable with to working for enjoyment and fulfillment. There’s no other way to live.” To him, this felt like a no-brainer – Richard loves keeping busy, enjoys making people happy and showing them what is possible. To-Do Done consists of separate teams for larger renovation projects, and others, like Richard, who take on smaller tasks. There is no shortage of clients seeking the odd small job taken care of, and Richard’s experience and abilities make him a much-treasured member of the team.

It’s important to do what you enjoy, particularly if you’re still fit and healthy. Richard’s story is tangible proof that if you’re looking for something to do after retirement, a part-time handyman career is a perfectly respectable and richly rewarding path to embark upon. Contact us today for job openings, and maybe you’ll discover a bright new beginning.